Are you one of those who always make an excuse and say, “I am too busy to read a book,” “OMG! I don’t have time”. At the same time, you are the same person who says, “I watched an entire season in three days.” I have been in that position.

Are you also one of those who always plan to read more books but never get through it? Trust me! We all have the same 24 hours; it depends on how we maximize our every second.

So before it is too late to regret, let’s start by following the steps that helped me.

Relook your routine and see if there is room for something useful- like reading a book. Ask yourself how many hours do you spend on the internet, watching Tiktok, watching TV, scrolling down on Facebook, or doing any other hobby even if you don’t enjoy it always. It has just become a routine or habit.

Now, think about all the time you have wasted and compare to how many pages of a book you would have read in that time. Try it once! Time Yourself.

Keep books near you. It is advised to have books near your bed so you can read before you sleep. Or let a book be the first thing to get picked in the morning than your phone.  

Not only that, always carry a book with yourself - it will help you with travels.

Reading a textbook is way more different than reading “a book.” We all do so much academic reading during our school and university that our brains almost feel tortured when we talk about reading additional books. We all have friends saying, “what! I am not crazy about reading other books.” NO, remove this misconception. Reading is enjoyable, especially if you pick the books that interest you the most.

Use a Highlighter. I always highlight whatever quote or favorite sentence I like while reading. That way, I can easily refer back and find them even months later. It helps me retain the information. The words in the books are not meant to sit there. If you like something, grab a piece of paper, write it down, and post it somewhere so that you can always see it.

Don’t like a book? Put it down. Finishing a book or reading more books is not necessary. Be passionate about what you read. This way, you will be motivated to devote more of your time to reading books.

It is crucial to mention book reading significantly contributes to the overall development of societies. Join us to encourage book reading culture on