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Pierre Alex Jeanty

Pages: 192

HIM is a compilation of poems that honours men and their stories, their perspectives, their voices.  I love the inscription on the back, “There are words in his heart.” After reading two of Jeanty’s other books, Unspoken Feelings of a Gentlemen and To the Women I Once Loved, I couldn’t wait to read HIM. I received my copy of the book just before I went on my family vacation, which was perfect timing. As I started the book, I decided to pace myself. The poems vary in length, and it can be easy to read many of them in one sitting. I wanted to take my time with it and give each poem the space it deserved, and give myself time to process all of the feelings that came with it: hope, pride, joy, sadness, and even conviction.

Love isn’t always the easiest thing to harvest. If this truth has settled in your veins already, you must not act blind to the contradictions that are swirling in your breath when you’ve grown angry at him for not being in love with you so soon. You can’t just shake a growing tree saying, “I am a good woman,” and expect fruits of love to fall. How many seasons did yours have to endure before it bore a harvest?

-Pierre Jeanty, HIM


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