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Matthew Allen

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Smart Thinking provides a simple framework to understand how memory and experience work while providing methods to implement specific strategies that will enable deliberate, helpful changes to improve our effectiveness. Author Art Markman utilizes his years in cognitive psychology to “replace self-limiting habits with those that foster ‘smart thinking’”. ‘Smart Thinking’ simply means: do more, better. It is the ability to solve new problems using one’s current knowledge, and the good news is that it is a skill that one can develop.

So how do we rid ourselves of muddled thinking and destructive patterns of behavior? Markman presents three key areas that we need to be in control of in order to engage in ‘smart thinking’: smart habits, high-quality knowledge, and the application of that high-quality knowledge. The fact is that most of what we do every day, we do without thinking – but that’s not a bad thing because the brain is designed to focus on the easiest, safest solutions to any problem without the heavy lifting of slow, ponderous thought patterns. However, Markman believes that we need to organize our life so that the things we do by habit are actions that will promote ‘smarter behavior’. This means we have to work harder at thinking about what we do as we do it.

Smart Thinking

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