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Caleb Jackson

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Undead: A Historical Investigation into the Most Famous Miracle in History explores the origins of the most influential religion in human history: Christianity. This movement allegedly began with the death of its founder, Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified and later said to be resurrected. The book analyzes contemporary research among New Testament scholars, liberal and conservative alike. Despite their ideological differences, most scholars can agree on certain facts regarding the death, burial, and empty tomb of Jesus of Nazareth. Various theories have been proposed to give an explanation to these facts, with most of these hypotheses being the subject of intense debate. The possibility of miracles is in itself a philosophical issue rather then a historical one. Likewise, historical proofs are usually never held to the same validity as mathematical or scientific proofs. However, proper history can still be utilized under the right methods and conditions. Thus, we must ask what really happened to Jesus, the “King of the Jews” that was crucified for his supposed blasphemous beliefs? Do scholars hold validity to the claim of the resurrection?

Undead: A Historical Investigation into the Most Famous Miracle In History

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